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The services listed below represent the most essential components of the executive job search. If you need something different, let’s chat about it—I’ll be happy to prepare a quote for you. Your investment includes:

  • FREE strategy and informational interview session (up to 2 hours)
  • FREE cover letter template targeting companies/recruiters
  • FREE email template targeting companies/recruiters
  • FREE post-interview thank you email template
  • FREE references page template
  • FREE MS Word, PDF, & ATS-friendly versions of the résumé

Pricing depends on your desired target role/industry, experience level, and project complexity. For a free, no obligation quote, either by telephone or email, send me your existing documents!


During the initial stage of the job search, your résumé has one job—to secure interviews. To do this, it must convince the prospective employer that, above anyone else, you’re the one they need in the target role. Partnering with me ensures that your résumé will communicate very powerful and distinct messages about you and your leadership—that you understand what makes businesses run successfully, and you possess the skills and acumen to contribute value from day one.

Developing this critical document requires an average of 15-20 hours of intense “deep work,” including research, strategy creation, story/content development, and keyword optimization.

  • $1,000 – $1,500 Résumé for Executives (SVP, VP, GM, Director, etc.)
  • $1,500 – $2,000 Résumé for Senior Executives (EVP, Partner, Managing Director, President, etc.)
  • $2,000 – $3,000 Résumé for C-Suite Executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CMO, CHRO, CAO, CXO, etc.)
  • $1,250 – $2,000 Résumé for Individuals Seeking Board Positions (Nonprofit Organizations)
  • $1,500 – $2,500 Résumé for Individuals Seeking Board Positions (For-Profit Companies)

Is your résumé getting the job done? If not, let’s talk!


The cover letter is a vital partner to the résumé. Many executives cringe at the thought of writing customized letters for each job target, but this is a critical part of an effective job search. Enlisting my help will ensure that you have a dynamic, persuasive cover letter tailored exclusively to the opportunity, role, or person you want to target.

  • $150 – $300 Customized Cover Letter

The post-interview thank you letter presents an opportunity for you to seal the deal, so to speak. Even if you nailed the interview, you can use this letter to reiterate key talking points or highlight other aspects of your experience that weren’t discussed. And, if the interview was less than perfect, it gives you the opportunity to clarify any responses that may not have been delivered as smoothly as you would have liked.

  • $100 – $150 Customized Thank You Letter

Is your cover letter helping or hurting your chances with the prospective employer? If you’re not sure, let’s find out!

LinkedIn Profile

Development & Optimization

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is an essential element of the executive job search, but did you consider how powerful this online presence can be in establishing or maintaining your personal brand and/or positioning you as a noted thought leader? The LinkedIn profile must be both engaging and concise, and since it’s designed to be searchable by recruiters and prospective employers, it must also include rich keywords to increase your probability of being found. 

Having written LinkedIn profiles since the platform’s inception, I know exactly what’s needed to capture the salient points of your career and create a robust, compelling profile.

  • $1,000 LinkedIn Profile (with purchase of résumé)

Is your LinkedIn profile optimized for recruiter searches? If you’re not sure, let’s find out!

Executive Biography

An executive biography can serve multiple purposes. Within the scope of the job search, it can serve as an alternative to the résumé for distribution to network contacts or during the informational interview (situations where presenting your résumé may not be appropriate). Another popular use is a shorter “speaker’s biography” used for others to introduce you as a speaker or panelist at events and conferences.

  • $750 Executive Biography (with purchase of résumé)

Are you interested in building your brand as a thought leader? Learn how this critical document can help!