Certified Professional Résumé Writer


The services listed below represent the most essential components of the executive job search. If you need something different, let’s chat about it — I’ll be happy to work up a quote for you. Your investment includes:

  • 2-hour strategy and interview session
  • FREE cover letter template targeting companies/recruiters
  • FREE email template targeting companies/recruiters
  • FREE post-interview thank you email template
  • FREE references template
  • Word, PDF, and TXT versions of the résumé
  • Contact information for Triangle Business Journal’s 2019 top recruiters (Raleigh-Durham job seekers only)

For your convenience, I bill your services in 2 payments. You’ll pay 50% when you place your order and the remaining 50% when your drafts are ready.


$1,000  Résumé for Mid-Career Managers & Professionals (non-executive general management & professional roles)

$1,500  Résumé for Senior Executives (SVPs, VPS, GMs, Directors, & other senior leaders)

$2,000  Résumé for C-Level Executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, CHROs, Presidents, Board members, etc.)


$150  Customized Cover Letter, tailored for a specific opportunity, role, or person

$500  LinkedIn Profile, tailored for clients in either an active, open search, or for those conducting a discreet, confidential search

$500  Executive Biography, tailored for clients either in need of a standard corporate bio, or to use for speaking and other thought leadership activities

$125  Résumé Distribution (each), customized distribution, tailored by industry/function, to either recruiters or venture capital/private equity firms



Your résumé has one job: to get you interviews. In order to do this, it must convince the prospective employer that, above anyone else, you’re the one they need in the target role. Partnering with me ensures that your résumé will communicate very powerful and distinct messages about you and your leadership—that you understand what makes businesses run successfully, and you possess the skills and acumen to contribute value from day one.

Customized Cover Letter

The cover letter is an absolutely vital partner to the résumé. Many executives cringe at the thought of writing customized letters for each job target. However, this is a critical part of an effective job search. While you’ll receive a basic cover letter template with your résumé, you may come across an opportunity that requires more specific detail. Enlisting my help will ensure that you have a dynamic, persuasive cover letter tailored exclusively to the opportunity, role, or person you want to target.

LinkedIn Profile

With more than 660 million users, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn is an essential element of the executive job search. With a 2,000-character limit for each section, your LinkedIn profile must be both engaging and concise! Since it’s designed to be searchable by recruiters and prospective employers, your profile also should include rich keywords that increase your page views. Having written LinkedIn profiles since the platform’s inception, I know exactly what’s needed to capture the salient points of your career and create a robust, compelling profile.

Executive Biography

An executive biography can serve multiple purposes. Within the scope of the job search, it can serve as an alternative to the résumé for distribution to network contacts or during the informational interview (situations where presenting your résumé may not be appropriate). Another popular use is a shorter “speaker’s biography” used for others to introduce you as a speaker or panelist at events and conferences.

Résumé Distribution

In partnership with the industry’s leading vendor, I offer you the ability to reach thousands of recruiting firms in a single distribution. The database is updated weekly, encompasses 16,600 firms and 37,500+ key contacts (recruiters), and includes high-profile organizations, such as Korn Ferry, Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, and Russell Reynolds. You select the appropriate positions and industries from the form we provide, and I’ll take care of the rest. Once complete, you’ll receive a MS Excel file with the full contact information for each recipient. You can also select a separate distribution tailored to Private Equity/Venture Capital firms (2,600 firms).