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“I’ve sent my résumé to lots of different places, but I never hear back from anyone.”

“I know my résumé is missing something, but I feel stuck and don’t know what to write.”

“After 20 years in the same industry, I’m ready for a career pivot, but I have no idea where to start.”

“My résumé is all over the place. It makes me look like a jack of all trades and master of none!”

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Rene Hart

If your résumé isn’t getting interviews, we should talk.

I help executives develop powerful, branded résumés that stand out from the rest. Don’t settle for boring templates with boilerplate, “same as the other guy” language. Your résumé needs to grab the hiring manager’s attention (both visually and through dynamic, keyword-rich content!) and showcase key deliverables that demonstrate your value and prove you’re the best candidate for the job.

René Hart, CPRW, NCOPE
Certified Professional Résumé Writer (Résumé and Cover Letter Writing)
Nationally Certified Online Professional Expert (LinkedIn, Digital Branding, Hidden Job Market)

Why Hire Me?

Interviews Within 30 Days Guaranteed

Your new résumé will secure interviews in weeks — not months. I back this up with a powerful guarantee unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

No Contract Writers

You work with me—and only me. I won’t farm out your project to less experienced writers who don’t understand the complexities of an executive job search. I craft your entire story, combining my exceptional writing talent, in-depth business knowledge, and long history of working with executives to create powerful documents that get interviews.

20+ Years’ Experience

When you hire me, you’ll benefit from my decades of experience and deep understanding of the sophisticated branding, messaging, and language your résumé requires to position you effectively for executive roles.

No Worksheets

I won’t ask you to spend hours laboring over lengthy worksheets or questionnaires. Instead, we’ll share an in-depth telephone discussion to strategize which aspects of your career, experience, and expertise will best differentiate you in the marketplace.

High Referral Rate

Most of my clients are referred to me by other clients. Once you experience my high-touch, personalized service, the in-depth questions I ask about your career, and the way I use this information to transform your new résumé, you’ll understand why!

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Is your current résumé generating interviews?
Are you struggling to differentiate yourself in the Raleigh job market?
Is your LinkedIn Profile as vibrant and dynamic as it should be?
Do you need help creating an effective job search campaign?
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I specialize in helping executives — members of the C-suite (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, etc.), board members, and other senior leaders (Presidents, Vice Presidents, EVPs, SVPs, Managing Directors, General Managers, etc.) who work at the very highest levels to drive and support business operations.

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