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Someone once said that if you choose work you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

As an executive résumé writer with a deep passion for storytelling, I use my wordsmithing talents to capture the essence of what makes you most valuable to your prospective employer.

Far from a boring recitation of facts and figures, I develop résumés that highlight who you are (your personal brand), how you’re different (what sets you apart from other candidates), and what you offer (your value proposition).

How am I different from other writers?

•  30-DAY GUARANTEE. The résumés I write secure interviews in weeks, not months. I back this up with a powerful guarantee that no one else offers to executives.

•  NO SUBCONTRACT WRITERS. I don’t farm your project out to less experienced writers who don’t understand how to market you effectively to your target employer. I craft your entire story, from blank screen to masterpiece.

•  NO QUESTIONNAIRES. Many of my peers rely on lengthy questionnaires and extensive “client homework” to gather their clients’ information. I believe it’s far more efficient and effective to have an actual conversation–a tailored Q&A that allows me to dive deep into your experience and understand your story firsthand! (BONUS: Many clients praise the depth of these conversations and cite them as a critical value-add in their interview prep!)

•  EXECUTIVES ONLY. Having worked exclusively with senior executives for much of my career, I understand that your job search needs are significantly different from that of other demographics.