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Having worked with senior executives for 20+ years, we understand your time is valuable and strive to make our process as effortless as possible.

STEP 1: Send Us Your Résumé

Email your résumé and schedule a time to speak with René. During your call, she will identify her concerns with the résumé, recommend a strategy for developing your documents, and discuss the services she believes you’ll benefit from most. Following the call, you’ll receive a detailed proposal outlining the costs for those services.

STEP 2: Schedule Your Interview

Unlike most other résumé services, we don’t require you to fill out a lengthy, detailed questionnaire. This is an exhausting and unnecessary exercise that only prolongs the process. Instead, we schedule a personal interview to review your career, understand what differentiates you from your peers, and gather the additional details needed to develop the résumé.

STEP 3: René Develops Your Résumé

René will review the interview notes and begin writing the résumé and other documents you have ordered. Most drafts are delivered within 5-7 business days following the interview.

STEP 4: Review Your Résumé Draft

The draft of your document(s) is emailed to you for review, then we work together with you to revise, polish, and produce the final version.

“Writing an executive’s résumé is like putting together an intricate, 1000-piece puzzle of a crystal blue, cloudless summer sky. After I interview the client, I have roughly 10-15 pages of raw content to sift through and determine what to include in the draft of the résumé, which typically runs 2-3 pages. By the time I’ve produced the draft, I will have read that raw content as many as 20 or 30 times. It’s a grueling, time-intensive, fully immersive process, but one that is absolutely essential to producing the caliber of documents executives need for their job searches.

Even though I’ve never served on a Board of Directors or run a multibillion-dollar company, I must understand those roles intrinsically and demonstrate how a client uses his particular talents and expertise to deliver the kinds of mission-critical, game-changing contributions that make companies successful.”

— René Hart